Bob Father Cream Ale

For those of you who know him, love him, and for those of you who don’t have likely heard of him!  Bob Latimer has been in the craft brewing industry for over 25 years.  Bob knows everything about hops and how to use them to craft great beer. On the Hops Connect Canada team, Bob is responsible for working with most Ontario craft breweries and he is famous for “rescuing” many of Ontario’s better-known brewers with hops during the massive hop shortage in 2008.

The team at Farm League Brewing fell in love with Bob’s caring personality and customer-first approach and decided to brew a beer in collab with Bob to honour a pioneer in our industry.  Fittingly, these chose Canada’s first proprietary, patented hop variety, Sasquatch® which was brought to market by Hops Connect Canada.  Here’s to you Bob Father!

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