Mylar Hop Foil Recycling

Mylar Hop Foil Recycling Program

As part of our Free Freight Friday program, our team will pick up your used hop foils and return them to our warehouses for recycling. Meaning less hassles for you—and less waste for the Earth.

Recycling Mylar Hop Foil since 2020!

Since its initiation in 2020, our mylar hop foil recycling program has been immensely popular. Annually, we proudly collect over 3,000 KG of hop foils that would otherwise be destined for landfills. Here’s a look at our combined efforts and results reflecting the Canadian craft brewing’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

How we can help

Unfortunately, mylar hop foils cannot be recycled through the usual channels, leading to their unfortunate fate in landfills. This has been a persistent concern for us at Hops Connect Canada. However, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and developed a pioneering national mylar hop foil recycling program. Our mission is to divert as many hop foils as possible from landfills and transform them into clean electricity for homes and businesses in your Canadian city. Now, we invite you to join us on this impactful journey:

  • When we drop off your order on our “Free Freight Friday” delivery program, we will simply pick up all of your used hop foils
  • This program is currently available in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal
  • If you are located outside of these cities, please get in touch with your Hops Connect Canada sales representative for a unique solution to recycle your foils. We have customers from coast to coast to coast recycling foils!