Our partnerships with the best hops growers in the world.


John I Haas is based in the Pacific Northwest, a well-established region for growing some of the best quality, most aromatic hops from North America. Well-known for their innovation, Haas is constantly bringing new hop products to market in an effort to reduce process loss and increase flavour impact in your beer. Our longstanding partnership gives you direct access to high-impact hops like Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, Ekuanot and many more.


Founded in 1794, BarthHaas is Europe’s premiere hops grower, bringing
over 25 top-quality continental varieties to the Hops Connect Canada portfolio. Based in the Hallertau region of Germany just north of Munich, the BarthHaas team brings an extensive knowledge on how to grow the highest quality, consistent hops from the oldest hop growing region in the world.

Hop Products Australia (HPA)

HPA is the largest hop grower in Australia with one of the most successful breeding programs in the world. Famous hops like Galaxy, Vic Secret and Eclipse have all come out of this breeding program and are centre stage in the global brewing industry.

Sasquatch Farms by Hops Connect Canada

The roots of Hops Connect Canada is Sasquatch® Farms, where our proprietary Sasquatch® variety was first developed and grown in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia. Now grown in both Ontario and BC, Sasquatch has a soft aroma and flavour, making it an ideal partner that can bring the distinct notes of other varieties to the foreground.

Clayton Hops

The largest hop grower in New Zealand, Clayton Hops is the name behind world-famous varieties such as Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Riwaka. Hops Connect Canada’s partnership with Clayton Hops creates a reliable source for these highly-sought after New Zealand flavours.

Indie Hops

Based in Oregon, Indie Hops are the creators of heavy-hitting varieties such as Strata and Meridian. The breeding program at Indie Hops is big on innovation: they’re constantly developing new and unique flavour profiles in an effort to create the biggest flavour impact in the glass. Hops Connect Canada is your direct line to the cutting edge varieties from Indie Hops.

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