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Why partner with Hops Connect Canada?

Your choice of a hops supplier may be the single most important factor in your long-term brewing success. Here are some of the reasons why we’re the chosen partner of some of the country’s best craft brewers, from coast to coast to coast.

Outstanding value

Pricing in CAD

We price in Canadian dollars, we store our product at Canadian warehouses, and we use Canadian shippers, suppliers, and team members to make our deliveries. That results in big savings and a lot less pricing volatility.

National free delivery and “Free Freight Friday”

We offer no cost delivery across Canada on all orders over 200kg. We also offer our Free Freight Friday program within Greater Vancouver, Montréal & the GTA, with a simple 20 KG minimum order size.

No storage fees

You don’t pay anything to store your hops at our facilities. You can buy with confidence, knowing your hops will be there when you need them.

No deposits required

We don’t have hidden fees or extra charges at billing. And we don’t require deposits when signing your contract, or before we deliver.

The absolute best hops

Direct access to the very best hops

Our representatives personally visit our hops suppliers, and select only the freshest, most flavourful hops for our warehouses. This insistence on absolute quality gives you the confidence to brew your best, every time.

Exclusive partnerships

Our exclusive relationships with some of the world’s leading hops producers and breeders makes it easy for you to secure the world’s best hops. Which allows you to create new flavours your customers will crave.

Global reach

Our catalogue covers over 75 varieties from eight countries and three continents. We also offer a suite of advanced liquid hop products—and we’re constantly testing and tasting even more.

State-of-the-art storage

Our new, state-of-the-art storage facilities are close to key markets in Western and Eastern Canada. That ensures our hops stay fresh and ready, whenever you buy them.

As fresh as it gets

Our hops are packaged in nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealed 5kg foil bags right at the farm, ensuring absolute freshness and minimal hassles on their journey from vine to glass.

Specific lot selection

We offer specific lot selection on Pacific Northwest hops varieties such as Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, El Dorado and Cascade. That gives you total control over your desired aroma profile.

We are your partners

We know our stuff

Our team has decades of experience in every part of the craft brewing industry. When it comes to getting the best out of hops, no one knows this business better.

We get what you’re going through

Like you, we’re an independently owned and operated, Canadian business. We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face, and we’re happy to provide the advice and flexibility you need to achieve success.

We’re here to help

We believe our success depends on your success. We don’t just sell you stuff—we share our expertise, our insight, and our industry knowledge.

Best-in-class logistics

We pride ourselves on our rock-solid supply chain, and our 100% dependable delivery, sourcing constant fresh supply via sea from our partner farms around the world.

Brewing innovation

Hop foil recycling program

As part of our Free Freight Friday program, our team will pick up your used hop foils and return them to our warehouses for recycling. Meaning less hassles for you—and less waste for the Earth.

We look forward

New hop varieties. More advanced hop products. Investments in cold storage. Fresh ways to recycle. As this industry evolves, we continue to evolve with it, to serve you better.

Advanced products

We’re the only supplier in Canada to stock a range of ground-breaking, 100% hop-based advanced products that allow you to boost efficiency, control flavour, and boost your bottom line.

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