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from eight countries on three continents.

Canada – Sasquatch®

There’s only one proprietary, trademarked Canadian hop variety in the world: Sasquatch®, developed and grown exclusively at our farms in Pemberton BC, the Fraser Valley and southern Ontario. A unique dual-purpose hop with distinct orange zest, tangerine and lemon floral notes, Sasquatch is currently being used by over 100 Canadian craft brewers to create a uniquely Canadian beer with versatility, freshness, and light fruity/citrus profile.


Our grower partner from Australia is Hops Products Australia (HPA), the largest hop grower in the southern hemisphere. The strong aromas and intense flavours of HPA varieties such as Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Eclipse have proven immensely popular with both craft brewers and craft brew-lovers alike. Our long-running, exclusive supplier partnership with HPA gives Canadian craft brewers access to some of the most sought-after hops in the world.

United States

Our direct channel partnership with John I Haas gives us a constant, dependable supply of the most in-demand American hops varieties. The most popular of these is the famous Citra, a strong yet smooth aroma hop with a notable citrus/tropical fruit aroma and flavour. While many hop suppliers carry Citra and other US varieties, our longstanding partnership with John I Haas gives you a reliable source of the freshest, most aromatic, most flavourful Citra available.


Hops Connect is proud to be the exclusive Canadian partner to BarthHaas, with over 25 European-grown varieties in our product catalogue. As the premiere grower of European hop varieties, BarthHaas is the go-to source for top-quality flavours and aroma to any European-styled brew. The company brings an unparalleled knowledge of growing, breeding, and harvesting that consistently results in the highest-quality, most flavourful hops in the world.

New Zealand

Clayton Hops is our exclusive grower partner based in New Zealand. The country is the one of the most exciting hops growing regions in the world, with clean air, fresh water, fertile soil, and a temperate climate that’s perfectly suited to growing top-quality hops with clean, distinct characters and remarkable depth of flavour. Clayton Hops is one of the most collaborative and innovative grower partners. They offer a range of hop varieties with unique fruit-forward flavour profiles that provide craft brewers an entirely new canvas on which to bring their ideas to life.

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