An Eclipse® in the making…

April 8th’s celestial celebration starts with a beautiful Eclipse® Hazy IPA! On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total eclipse will be visible from Canada to Mexico. If there was ever a time to brew a Hazy IPA with Eclipse® hops, this is it.

Brewers start your kettles! On Monday, April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will be coming to a sky near you. The eclipse, to various degrees, will be visible throughout the majority of North America and many parts of Canada. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this celestial veiling of the sun than with a seasonal special Eclipse® Hazy IPA.

With a sweet mandarin flavor, zesty notes of citrus peel, and fresh pine needles, Eclipse® is one of the most exciting hops to come out of HPA’s hop breeding program since Galaxy® first hit the craft brewing scene. And Hops Connect Canada is the Canadian partner of HPA’s full lineup of hops, which includes Eclipse®, Galaxy®, Vic SecretTM, EllaTM, Enigma® and TopazTM.

“Eclipse is an amazing hop,” said Owen Johnston, HPA’s Head of Sales & Marketing. “It has high impact and clarity of flavor. It’s a hop that does what it says it’s going to do and the mandarin flavor is really reliable. Not every hop is cut out for single hop beers—but everyone who tries Eclipse raves about it.”

“The hazy idea for a solar eclipse is perfect,” Owen went on, “But Eclipse is really versatile. It has so many different applications in low doses and in lighter malt-based beers. It’s perfect for a new world lager or a summer ale with a modest hop profile, where you get that clarity of flavor without being overwhelming. This is where high volume, slightly hop flavor-forward beers can really come into the mix.”

Here’s a great single hop starter recipe to get your wheels turning for the April 8th eclipse. Call your local Hops Connect Canada representative to order your Eclipse® today. We’ll see you somewhere along the Path of Totality!

Eclipse® Hazy IPA:

50% Great Western 2 row Malt
50% Great Western Pale High Color Malt

1:1 Sulfate to Chloride ratio

Step mash at 50º C, 62º C and 72º C. 20 minutes at each rest temperature. Mash off at 78º C.

10 IBU target first wort bittering with Eclipse® hops
10 IBU target 45 minute addition with Eclipse® hops
15 IBU whirlpool addition Eclipse® hops

Imperial A38 Juice

Ferment at 19.5º C, dry hop day 6 at 2.5lbs per barrel. Leave on hops for 4 days and transfer off. Crash beer on day 12 and carbonate.

Let us know how yours turns out. Cheers!

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