Natural Fruit Flavours for Beer & Craft Beverage

A fruit-flavoured beer has to hit the consumer in the face with potent and enticing aroma when they crack open the can. It needs to smell like the name on the label and it needs to draw the drinker in – all without being so overpowering that they can’t finish their drink. Welcome to the Jetson’s future we were all promised.

The Skyfarm series is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavour top notes.

Skyfarm Specifics

Maybe you’ve tried purees. Maybe you’ve tried concentrates. Skyfarm is none of that. So let’s get into it.

Flavour Comes First

Compare these to the flavour of other options and it’s like night and day.

Hit You In The Face

Strong and recognizable fruity aroma every time you crack a can.

No Refermentation

There’s no sugar in Skyfarm, so there’s no risk of refermentation.

Water-Based Emulsion

Absolutely no ethanol or alcohol to carry the flavour through.

Keep Your Workflow

Skyfarm goes right into your existing workflow with no modifications.


Every flavour is TTB-Approved with Food Ingredient Data sheets available.

100% Utilization Rate

Skyfarm is immediately dispersed into solution. Less wait, more beer!

No Added Mouthfeel

These are aromatic top notes that don’t impart sweetness or body.

Powered by Terpenes

Think of terpenes like building blocks. We build beautiful aroma.

No Sugar, No Colour

Skyfarm doesn’t impart any added sugar or colour to your beverage.

No Specific Handling

Add it into your brite tank and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Hyper Concentrated

Dose way less than you would expect to impart huge aroma.

Clean Finished Label

Use “Natural Flavours” on your ingredient list.

Way Less Expensive

Compare the price of Skyfarm to purees, whole fruits, or fruit extracts.

Simple Storage

Skyfarm comes in lightproof bottles with no need to refrigerate.

No Yield Loss

Skyfarm is a liquid so there is nothing to soak up potential beer.

How To Brew With Skyfarm

We recommend that you add Skyfarm at the coldest and latest point in the process – the brite tank.

Adding to the brite tank enables precise flavour control in the final beer, eliminating the risk of aromatic compound loss from additional processing. This method also prevents flavour alterations caused by yeast activity and biotransformation.

Our Skyfarm Products

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